Funny Man

Could this be true? (a short story) When God created Man he gave him 30 years of life. Then he created an Ox and gave it also 30 years of life. Ox asked God: “What am I going to do for all those 30 years?” “You will be working hard in fields helping the Man.” “Oh God, I don’t need 30 years for that! 10 years would be just enough,” said the Ox. But the Man asked God if he could take those 20 years from the Ox for himself. God agreed. Then God created a Dog and gave it … Read more

A Salary Joke

A certain company had the following notice inscribed on it’s pay-stub forms: “Your salary is your personal business, and should not be disclosed to anyone.” A new employee in signing the receipt wrote: “I won’t mention it to anybody. I’m just as ashamed of it as you are.” Courtesy of