A Salary Joke

A certain company had the following notice inscribed on it’s pay-stub forms: “Your salary is your personal business, and should not be disclosed to anyone.” A new employee in signing the receipt wrote: “I won’t mention it to anybody. I’m just as ashamed of it as you are.” Courtesy of Humoricon.com

15 Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than Men


Now we have something for ladies, so they don’t feel hurt: 15 Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than Men You can have more than one beer at a time Beers don’t expect you to be faithful and never ask, is there another beer? You can get the size beer you want, even a long neck! You can have a quick beer on your lunch hour A beer is always there when You want it A beer won’t give you whisker burns You can suck on one beer all night long if you want A beer doesn’t have to be Hard … Read more

A Cuban Story

The captain is drunk again, I said to my brother Ramon. Not on his salary, Ramon said, He is dizzy with the danger. Yes that is how it is , I said. But this danger that makes him dizzy does not affect us. It is not that kind of danger, Ramon said. And so we stood on the deck in the rain, all 65 of us, as the small ferry made its way across the bay. After a few minutes, Ramon spoke again: It is the other kind of danger, like when a young chiquita comes down from the hills … Read more

Trivia: Birds of a Feather

Have fun answering this funny trivia quiz about birds 1. Which is not a group term for birds? A. Flock B. Flight C. Volery D. Swarm A: D. Swarm TBD: Various insects can collectively be called a swarm but not birds! 2. Which of these is a fear of birds? A. Alektorophobia B. Astraphobia C. Ornithophobia D. Ouranophobia A: C. Ornithophobia TBD: Although alektorophobia was close, that is a fear of chickens! Astraphobia is the fear of lightning and Ouranophobia is the fear of heaven! 3. Which bird is NOT a bird of prey? A. Falcon B. Francolin C. Hobby … Read more