Funny Man


Could this be true?
(a short story)

When God created Man he gave him 30 years of life.

Then he created an Ox and gave it also 30 years of life.

Ox asked God:
“What am I going to do for all those 30 years?”
“You will be working hard in fields helping the Man.”
“Oh God, I don’t need 30 years for that! 10 years would be just enough,” said the Ox.

But the Man asked God if he could take those 20 years from the Ox for himself.
God agreed.

Then God created a Dog and gave it also 30 years of life.
And the Dog also asked what is he going to do for all those years?
God answered:
“You will be a friend of Man, you will protect him and his property.”

Dog also though that 10 years should be just enough for this job, so the Man took 20 years from the Dog also.

At least the God created a Monkey and also gave it 30 years of life.
“What am I going to do for all those years?” the Monkey asked.
“You will be sitting in the cage and entertain the Man,” said God.

Monkey also didn’t want more than 10 years for that, so Man took 20 years from it’s life as well.

So, how does it look with a Man now?

The first 30 years the Man lives without worry, with the head full of ideals.
Next 20 years the Man is working as an Ox to amass as much fortune as possible for himself and his family.
Then the next 20 years he is protecting the amassed possessions as a Dog,
and the last 20 years the Man took from a Monkey, he lives in his own cage and is for an amusement to his own off-springs.

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