15 Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than Men

Beer Long NeckNow we have something for ladies, so they don’t feel hurt:

15 Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than Men

  1. You can have more than one beer at a time
  2. Beers don’t expect you to be faithful and never ask, is there another beer?
  3. You can get the size beer you want, even a long neck!
  4. You can have a quick beer on your lunch hour
  5. A beer is always there when You want it
  6. A beer won’t give you whisker burns
  7. You can suck on one beer all night long if you want
  8. A beer doesn’t have to be Hard to be good
  9. You don’t have to finish a beer in 2 minutes; you can take as long as you want
  10. A beer doesn’t expect you to be true while it runs around
  11. A beer satisfies you Everytime!
  12. If you pour a beer correctly you can have as Big of a head as you want!
  13. It takes a long time for a beer to go flat
  14. Even when you pop your beer’s top you can still have a long stiff one!
  15. And finally: If you want to Change beer you don’t have to get a lawyer.


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